Little boy




Winter west wind for Antigone's last day


A dress hung on a dead branch between two trees slowly comes alive with the wind. The floating and diaphanous aspect of the dress evokes Antigone, dignified and rebellious, a guarded prisoner. 

Despite the order of king Creon, who sentenced to death anyone burying Polynice, Antigone leaves to find her brother’s body and is discovered by the kingdom’s guards. She tries to explain her actions to Creon by mentioning the illegitimacy of the royal decree; she declares she only submits herself to the divine laws. Antigone’s obstinacy infuriates Creon who sentenced her to be built up in a wall, as no woman should be allowed to discuss the law. Hemon, son of Creon and Antigone’s fiancé, pleads for the king to let her go. Creon is finally persuaded and accepts to free her. When Hemon arrives to free Antigone, it is too late: she hung herself with her clothes. 

Year 2015



Growing up, Being and Ageing

“Author of many videos, as well as installations, photos and even paintings, Clara Scherrer progresses into the matter with attention and fastidiousness. Gathering objects, giving them a second life, arranging them to create a work of art and letting herself be surprised by the story it tells at the end of the process. That is the way she creates.

By working with salvaged items, the artist goes through time, creating links between people, observing life. Growing Up, Being and Ageing addresses these themes mixing her family and intimate story to the collective memory. Thus the apparent softness and restraint of her work also sometimes show violent feelings: anger, cruelty, joy, indignation.” 

Anne Malherbe - (Extract from the exhibition’s newspaper)

Centre d'art contemporain - ISTRES (France) 

- From Sept. 19 to Dec. 20, 2014 - 


Year 2014


Break in is a short movie about violence towards women. A young woman on the screen cuts her white dress watched by an old woman who is sewing. Extremely bare, this short film is made in one shot filmed like a performance during which the artist mutilated her dress. 

Year 2011

Love Telecom


Good Girl Bad Day

Year 2013

Genesis Loup

Year 2012

My lovely h2o