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Little Boy

La page blanche

CH 6.115


Electric box under trailer


with Yoko Higashi 

Fall Winter Spring Summer

Genesis Loup 

Gina & Jina 

(work in progress)

Daugthers and Moms

From my window

Model little girls

“You are a wicked girl, miss, torturing this bee in spite of what I told you when you salted and cut my poor little fishesto pieces.
SOPHIE. — I forgot, Mama, I swear I forgot.
MADAME DE REAN. — I will make sure that you remember, Miss, first by taking this knife from you, which will be given back to you in one year, not before; and also, by making you wear the pieces of the bee on a ribbon around your neck, until they turn into dust.”

Contesse de Ségur 

In house

Pomme Pomme Girl

New York City

on a cold winter

Coney Island

View from back

Good girl bad day 


2780 km in south Iceland in April 


Father & Daughter




The Nakhil's Bedouins 

Silver photos

A short selection of silver photos from that old time when we thriftily pressed the shutter release.


La piscine

Année 2006